Climate change represents the biggest threat to sustainable development and is causing widespread, unprecedented impacts that disproportionately burden the poorest, marginalized and most vulnerable, including young people. As the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and partners implement the Climate Promise, and support and advocate more ambitious nationally-determined contributions (NDCs), there is a growing consensus that a key success factor for raising climate ambition is ensuring an inclusive process that brings together government at all levels with youth organizations, movements, and networks, as well as with other citizens, private sector, and key stakeholders and partners. In particular, young people’s needs and aspirations should be captured in the enhanced NDCs and their role as positive agents of change should be better recognized, promoted and supported.

This summary report highlights key recommendations, case studies and reflections from young leaders, networks and partner organizations, who contributed to the Sparkblue e-consultation: Youth Meaningful Participation as a Turning Point for Climate Action and NDC Ambition, from 20 July 2020 to 14 August 2020.


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