UNDP’s integrated SIDS offer Rising Up for SIDS articulates a clear strategy to respond to their most pressing needs as well as bring forth innovative solutions to the complex developmental challenges they face for a better future for people and planet. UNDP's increased investment. This offer acts as a vehicle for recovery committing to enhancing current support in areas of climate action, blue economy and digital transformation, with innovative development finance as an enabling cross-cutting area.


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da qun xiang
da qun xiang

I very much appreciate the best guidance program put forward by the United Nations Development Programme for island countries, which is the programme of action to promote the economic recovery of island countries !

da qun xiang
da qun xiang

Mr. Xiang Yang, President of ACAA, delivered a speech at the press conference of "global environment and health culture" through video on September 18

The era after covid-19
——We must take the road of sustainable green economic development

一,Background of human social development:

1,From the primitive society to the agricultural era, and then into the handicraft era, we have realized the qualitative change of quantity in the long development process of human society, and entered the era of electrified industry,With the progress of social productive forces, we have initially tasted the sweetness of developing earth resources for improving life and enjoyment, and promoted the pace of human development of earth resources,Therefore, it creates a more favorable environment for the development of capital economy, which provides a continuous source of economic resources for human development of earth resources, expands the development area of earth resources, and creates more environmental waste for the earth and the ocean,Human beings are living a wasteful life in the uncontrolled pursuit, which leads to the rapid entry of mankind into the era of electric power and information. This is a progress of productivity and civilization relative to mankind itself,While making progress, human beings have not taken into account the protection of the environment and the earth, but their desire for interests and extravagance continues to expand and constantly ask for all kinds of resources from the earth,Therefore, wars between various interest groups on the earth for earth resources and territory occur frequently. Human beings have accelerated the consumption of the earth's resources and marine resources, and have also continuously accumulated garbage that pollutes the environment.
二,Rapid development stage of human society:
2,After the Second World War, in order to ensure that there would never be a major war in the world, the world officially established the United Nations at the initiative of former US President Roosevelt,Under the witness of the United Nations, there have been no major and comprehensive wars in the world in the past 76 years, and wars in local areas have occurred from time to time in the past 76 years, The root cause lies in the conflict of democratic values between regions, because all regions are guarding the democratic values they believe in and can not tolerate the intervention of other democratic values, Therefore, there will be serious differences due to differences in democratic values in some regions. When differences cannot be resolved through diplomatic and political means, they can only be resolved through war. Over the past 76 years, in order to establish the benchmark and ideology of orthodox democratic values, some countries have intervened in some regions by means of war, invested a lot of human and financial resources and instilled the awareness of democratic values, However, it has played a positive role in the short term, maintained regional stability, and promoted the peaceful development of the world,However, such peace is short-lived because, while instilling democratic values, there is no respect for the existence of cultural values in the region. Democratic values can only exist permanently if they are based on cultural values. It is precisely because democratic values cannot respect the existence of regional cultural values that democratic values cannot be popularized and implemented in some areas. Only by building on the cultural values of a region and promoting the awareness of the so-called democratic values can we achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Human beings live in the environment of natural coexistence,Under the banner of the Charter of the United Nations, mankind has achieved 76 years of overall peaceful coexistence,Especially in the international order after the Second World War led by the United States, the United States neglected to respect the existence of regional cultural values in order to instill its sense of democratic values,Although a large amount of funds and manpower have been invested in a region to promote regional peaceful development, it still can not be recognized and accepted by a region. The reason is that it ignores the existence of cultural values in a region. The promotion of democratic values has fallen into difficulties and slowness, and even frequently into quagmire. While promoting democratic values, we must integrate the cultural values of a region into it in order to solve the problem of serious differences in democratic values in various regions of the world. Over the past 70 years, various regions of the world have been debating over differences in democratic values on the United Nations stage, ignoring the governance of the earth's environment and the construction of cultural health.In 2015, at the initiative of the United Nations, the world increased the pace of action to protect the environment and the earth, and established 17 United Nations sustainable development goals, namely the sustainable development agenda 2030, Among them, the action of "global climate" is included in the urgent problems to be solved,The United Nations has formally established the road map for the sustainable development goals for all countries and all mankind in the world to move towards a new world future of peace, health, harmony, prosperity, fairness and equality in an environment where mankind coexists naturally,It has been signed and approved by 196 countries in the world on the sustainable development goals,Since then, the world has a clear direction of development, and human society has stepped into a clear track of development.

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia in December 2019 is global,So far, the spread of the epidemic has not been controlled, It has infected more than 250 million people around the world,More than 4 million people died,This is an unprecedented disaster in human history. The outbreak of the epidemic has once again sounded an alarm to the world, If countries in the world continue to fail to implement the sustainable development goals designated by the United Nations and do not take positive actions and measures, they still excessively request and consume natural resources, And the extreme consumption of the earth's surface resources caused by the indiscriminate development of marine and earth resources and the construction of large-scale high-rise buildings will inevitably be punished again by nature. So we advocate, After the novel coronavirus pneumonia, All countries in the world must take the road of sustainable green economic development before the world can have a bright future.

三,Summary and reflection stage of human development

How to take the road of sustainable green economic development?The following basic measures must be taken:
1, All countries in the world must implement the Paris climate agreement as soon as possible and take immediate action as soon as possible, All countries must adopt relevant policies to prohibit the excessive exploitation of the earth's resources as soon as possible and put them into practice. Countries in the development of marine and earth resources should be made public in a transparent manner and publicized in the form of briefings at the annual United Nations General Assembly. 2,Strictly control industrial projects of thermal power generation and control carbon emissions. Countries should formulate a time schedule for zero carbon emissions,Strive to cancel all industrial projects of thermal power generation within three years, encourage all countries to use solar energy and wind power, and encourage the development of low-carbon or even carbon-free new energy industries. 3,Strictly control or prohibit large-scale high-rise buildings, reduce the over exploitation of the mine and return the mine to a green mountain. Over exploitation of groundwater is prohibited, and a sustainable restoration process is also needed to restore the earth to its original appearance. 4,Countries all over the world must take measures to prohibit the excessive discharge of garbage, reduce environmental pollution and prohibit the discharge of garbage into the sea, Both developing and developed countries should formulate specific waste discharge policies, put them into public action, and actively make waste discharge transparent. Relevant countries are encouraged to adopt high-tech methods to treat waste as energy for reuse. 5,Countries all over the world should expand agricultural production and the sustainable development of forest industry in a large area, control high energy consuming industrial development projects, and restore the original appearance of the earth. 6,Countries all over the world must control the automobile industry with high energy consumption and actively develop the automobile industry with no carbon and low energy consumption.In the era of industrial informatization, mankind should deal with the serious environmental pollution caused by e-waste, In short, countries around the world must follow the path of sustainable green economic development around the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, which is the general trend of human development. 7,While paying attention to environmental protection, we must also actively promote the promotion of democratic values conducive to world peace and development, All countries should respect each other, consult on an equal and fair basis, and, on the premise of respecting the cultural values of other countries,Opening up is conducive to the democratic values of unity, cooperation, development and peace, forming an environmental atmosphere that is inclusive and takes into account the existence of cultural values of all countries around the world, seeking common ground while reserving differences, and forming a multilateral cultural system for coexistence, Create a harmonious, peaceful and healthy world pattern for the deepening of democratic values, It is conducive to reducing ideological differences between regions or countries and clearing obstacles for countries all over the world to take the road of sustainable green economic development, It is the power source to accelerate the realization of sustainable goals. 8,Build a healthy cultural ecological environment around the world, The so-called healthy culture refers to keeping pace with the times in coordination with the environment, constantly updating and adjusting to adapt to the trend of complex world changes, and being able to consciously accept the consciousness and behavior of all over the world and the existence of other civilizations, And civilized ideology can promote the renewal and development of culture, Achieve harmony and peace.Therefore, building a healthy cultural ecological environment is conducive to reducing the differences in the ideological field between regions, reducing the resistance to the promotion of political, diplomatic and democratic values in regions, and creating a favorable environment for promoting the process of democratization. 9,The world must promote the development of a healthy culture and take the road of sustainable green economic development under the banner of the United Nations, abide by the rules and systems of the United Nations system and within the framework of the sustainable development goals established by the United Nations, It is a real step into the right track that mankind needs and hopes for, which provides a strong support and guarantee for ensuring the permanent peace of the world and the harmonious life of mankind. 10,Strengthen the global management of "digital network" and "intelligent technology", and let "digital network" and "intelligent technology" service providers develop and operate on a standardized track, Under the guidance of the United Nations, organize "digital network" experts and "intelligent technology" experts from relevant countries to participate in and formulate international laws on "digital network" and "intelligent technology" with civil society, All countries in the world jointly abide by the international laws on "digital network" and "intelligent technology" formulated by the United Nations, Ensure that "digital network" security and "intelligent technology" become real global resources shared by people all over the world and countries all over the world.
Thank you .

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