What can we learn from the structure of shark skin to reduce energy consumption or bacterial contamination? What can a Manta ray inspire us to better harness the energy of the seas? A mangrove to de-salinize seawater? How can a forest, or a coral reef, gives us lessons in business or territory strategies? The diversity of life has a lot to teach us to stimulate innovations that are compatible with our beautiful planet ...

UNDP's eighth interactive dialogue for SIDS featured a discussion about the potentials of biomimicry for strengthening resilience and preparing for sustainable futures towards regenerative economies in SIDS post COVID-19. The engaging conversation about this out-of-the-box approach to problem solving and design and how SIDS can benefit from this approach to build back better and achieve transformational change.

Watch the webinar here to learn more and stay tuned for more resources and conversation on this innovative topic!

We were joined by Tarik Chekchak a leading expert on the subject, a scientist who enjoys building bridges between biology and other disciplines. For 13 years, he applied his systemic approach as Director of "Science and Environment" of The Cousteau Society, created by Jacques Cousteau. His task was to design and manage projects in integrated management of coastal and maritime areas, integrating socio-economic, cultural and environmental aspects. He became Director of the Biomimicry Pole of the Institute for Desirable Futures in 2018, and develops methods and projects based on the inspiration of nature to solve technical or organizational problems. The goal? Accelerating the transitions towards prosperous societies compatible with our living planet. Tarik coaches organizations in their CSR strategy, and eco-designed innovations. He is also a lecturer and teacher in several engineering, design or business schools. For more than 25 years, he has been a polar expedition leader onboard polar vessels.



https://undp.zoom.us/rec/share/7sp6Buvd70hJZqvB7FPvVL84EKvAaaa80HAW-fQEmhuujiiII-nB1indIOKaRv08Topic: Resilience and Navigation Towards Desirable Futures Start Time : Jun 24, 2020 03:41 PM Meeting Recording: https://undp.z

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