On Friday, February 25, 2022, was held in the meeting room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Koulouba, the first meeting of the Select Committee responsible for drawing up the report of the national consultations as a prelude to the international meeting. of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment: "Stockholm+50", under the chairmanship of Ambassador Seydou COULIBALY, Director of Multilateral Cooperation (DCM).

After his words of welcome, Ambassador COULIBALY indicated that the objective of the meeting was to present a draft of the Terms of Reference and the prospect of developing a roadmap for national consultations. He insisted on the importance of the role and the responsibility of the members of the committee for the drafting of the report which must be used to feed the environmental section of the National Voluntary Report.

Following the intervention of Ambassador COULIBALY, Messrs. Daouda COULIBALY and Oumar TAMBOURA intervened on behalf of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to recall the main lines of the Stockholm+50 international meeting and the consultations national. They presented a draft of the Terms of Reference of the national consultations which essentially decline:

  • the main themes of the Stockholm Conference;
  • the objectives of the national consultations;
  • the key stages and timetable for the national consultation;
  • the role of UNDP in the process;
  • initial planning and coordination to define the structure of the consultation;
  • identification of participants and partners in national consultations;
  • the post-consultation online discussion on the SparkBlue virtual platform;
  • documenting and reporting the results of consultations;
  • ongoing communications and post-Stockholm+50 follow-up.

At the end of the exchanges, the participants identified a certain number of actions to be carried out, in particular:

  • the development of a draft of the report by the UNDP which will be submitted to the Committee;
  • the consolidation of the Terms of Reference of the national consultations by the UNDP;
  • development of a roadmap by the UNDP which will be validated by the Committee;
  • designation of a focal point for certain structures;
  • the proposal of priority themes for Mali in connection with the NDCs, nature, energy and SDG 6;
  • the holding of consultations at the national level before the month of April;
  • the convening of the next meeting by the Department of Multilateral Cooperation.

The meeting ended with words of thanks from the session chairman.

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