The ocean and its ecosystems provide important goods and services and support numerous activities essential for economic development in SIDS. These include capture fisheries, maritime transport and ports, coastal tourism, coastal protection, and energy. At the same time, the ocean also provides non-market services that are critical for our survival, such as generating oxygen, absorbing excess heat, and providing nature-based solutions to climate change adaptation and mitigation. The ability of the ocean to continue providing these services has been threatened by a number of pressures such as pollution, overfishing, habitat loss, and climate change, driven by unsustainable economic activities. 

Through this action brief, UNDP seeks to strengthen the knowledge base of the blue economy, challenge views on what it means, and clarify how SIDS can benefit from it. More specifically, it provides a blueprint for a multisectoral, integrated approach to the blue economy.  


Read the full SIDS Bulletin 68 here.

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