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UNDP's team on NCDs has been working to develop novel approaches to mobilize multisectoral responses to improving nutrition, one of the main factors determining health. UNDP is collaborating with WHO and the UN-Nutrition Secretariat to develop a novel nutrition investment case which outlines the economic rational for governments to invest in high-impact and high-return interventions to improve nutrition. A pilot nutrition case has now been developed and completed for Zimbabwe. More details on the investment cases and their development can be found in the concept note and overview document. Further, UNDP has collaborated with the government of Zambia, six UN agencies, Tobacco Free Portfolios and other (I)NGOs and BNP Paribas to develop the world's first Tobacco Social Impact Bond, a novel financing instrument to assist tobacco farmers transition to more sustainable livelihoods. The TSIB requires donor support to launch and is expected to have a large impact on improving livelihoods, preserving forests, and improving nutrition among communities living in target regions. 

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