Women, Peace & Security: Sensemaking Beyond 2020

We are excited to share a collection of nine Insights developed through a global public online consultation and in-depth discussions with peacebuilders on the ground.

Our nine insights were created from the global online consultation on Engaging Women in Post Conflict Economic and Political Decision-Making from May to June 2020.


Top-down initiatives such as quotas that place women leaders in political power do not necessarily translate to women’s needs being well represented.

  • Participants in the consultations and interviewees spoke of women who represented the interests of political families or even a rights-based agenda when, in fact, meeting basic needs such as  food, shelter, and jobs ranked higher for many women than the gender of political representatives.
  • The disconnect between women political representatives and women leaders on the ground has led to disillusionment and mistrust, furthering fracturing women’s power base.
  • Without complementary investments in women organizing and inclusion from the ground-up, top-down mandates such as quotas or even gender-sensitive budgets may not be backed by the political will needed to sustain them. In more extreme cases, they may even delegitimize women in decision-making positions.
  • Becoming a political representative is not a universal aspiration. These complementary investments should yield a variety of options for women to join and take part in public decision-making beyond political service.


  • Invest in preparing women community leaders for leadership in larger arenas beyond the local and municipal level.
  • Train up young community leaders who have a longer runway to work from the ground up to political leadership.
  • Foster engagement between political representatives and grassroot leaders to connect over core issues. These sessions can be closed- door dialogues with the aim to build stronger working relationships and support on the ground.



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