To understand and tackle the leadership dialogues of the Stockholm +50 conference on a deeper level, a focus group discussion session was held with youth and people with disabilities (“PWD”) in Amman.

The session was held on the 12th of May, 2022 in Amman but invited and included different people from different governorates of Jordan. The session proved successful and served as an effective way to hear the actual preferences and concerns of youth and PWD.

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Similar to the way the past consultation sessions were held, Miss Maha Al-Maayta (Director of Policies and International Cooperation at the Jordanian Ministry of Environment) gave an introduction about the Stockholm +50 conference and its significance as well as the role of Jordan in providing a healthy and prosperous future for all.

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The three leadership dialogues were introduced by the moderators of the session and the guiding questions were posed to assist the attendees in identifying areas of opportunity and growth to later offer their desired solution about said issues.

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The identified issues were noted by the moderators and later displayed and presented by the attendees – who formed groups – and jotted down their concerns on pinboards. The attendees' feedback served as valuable input to include in the Jordan S+50 Consultations final report to steer Jordan into a healthier, greener future and, in turn, help accelerative sustainable recovery of the earth as a whole.

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