LIFES stand  for Learning  Innovation Friendly  Education System a new  SDG4 Agenda to ensure no children are left behind  without access to learning innovation at school every where in the world .

Education without access to LIFES is  lost future for every child.

The world education leaders  need to realized that every child brighter future and dream to achieve success it depend on the quality of education invested in every child   and most affected children are those living in economically underserved states, rural, and  remote settings. There is  high  rising demand of making SDG4 a sustainable ,obtainable goal which this  lies in the advocating  for LIFES accessibility in all school by 2030 ,as  this can contribute to an obtainable , sustainable and achieved  success for every child every where in the World.

Why advocating for LIFES accessibility in all Schools by 2030 ?

The realization of SDG4 sustainability and obtainability is build upon strengthening capacity of all global school to adopt  access to  Learning Innovation Friendly Education System , as this is the agenda to ensure  no children are left behind without access to learning innovation at school.

The adoption of Learning Innovation Friendly Education System can contribute impactful to education system that is rooted in productive progress and obtainable success for every child.





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Dinatu Kumuriwo Nabonadam
Dinatu Kumuriwo Nabonadam

Indeed for every child to obtain a brighter future it all depends on the access to educational facilities having in mind the resources that makes education innovative. I rally my support behind''Learning Innovation Friendly Education System''. Every child deserves a brighter future.

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