Launch Event | UNDP Insurance & Risk Finance Facility

Ece Berkyurek
Ece Berkyurek


UNDP will officially launch the Insurance & Risk Finance Facility during UNGA 2021, on September 27 at 9.00-11.00 EST.

Join senior industry and government decision-makers together with UNDP’s Administrator as they discuss the role of insurance and risk transfer solutions in delivering the SDGs and reducing the impact of climate change on development. Following this discussion, a technical panel will explore the Facility’s ambitious goals and how they will be delivered, with industry and other partners, at the country level.








COVID-19 and our ever-growing climate crisis are undermining development progress and exploiting vulnerabilities, while people continue to be left behind by growing poverty and inequality, technological disruption and environmental degradation. Insurance is critical to building resilience and protecting people’s lives and livelihoods from increasingly interconnected crises.

Scaling up insurance coverage can create a virtuous cycle of economic benefits including increased investment in the economy, reduced budgetary pressure on government in the event of disaster and greater socio-economic security for citizens.

The UNDP Insurance and Risk Finance Facility will co-create insurance & risk-finance solutions in 40 developing countries by 2025, providing innovative insurance products and services to vulnerable people and communities while also investing in the long-term transformation of insurance markets.


All IRFF activities are underpinned by our commitment to delivering on the SDGs & the InsuResilience Global Partnership Vision 2025.


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