IGF 2022: Our Action Plan for a Sustainable Planet in the Digital Age

Polina Koroleva

Digital technologies are driving massive economic, social and environmental change and can either be used to exacerbate social and environmental degradation - or they can help build a healthy, green and more equitable future. The transformational capabilities of digitalization can be a crucial tool to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to address the triple planetary crisis by 2030.

The Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability (CODES), is an international multi-stakeholder alliance created in March 2021 in response to the UN Secretary General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation. In this regard it also aligns with the efforts of the IGF 2021 Policy Network on Environment. CODES aims to steer the use of digital technologies toward accelerating environmentally and socially sustainable development. Over the last year, CODES has grown into a community of over a 1000 individuals and organizations that have worked to co-create an “Action Plan for a Sustainable Planet in the Digital Age”. The CODES Action Plan offers a clear vision on #DigitalSustainability and a set of nine catalytic Impact Initiatives that will spark systems-level transformational change to integrate environmental sustainability as a key value and outcome of the digital revolution.

Linking digital transformation with sustainability transformation through the CODES initiative is also an important topic for the agenda of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology, who coordinates the implementation of the Secretary-General’s Roadmap on Digital Cooperation. This IGF event will sustain momentum for this shared goal with the Envoy towards the Global Digital Compact in 2023 and the implementation of the CODES Impact Initiatives. Our goal at IGF 2022 is to showcase the progress of implementing the initiatives collaboratively, expand global stakeholder engagement and operationalize action for #DigitalSustainability on the ground within a whole-of-society approach.


  • CODES (Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability):
  • Future Earth
  • German Environment Agency (UBA) - Western European and Others Group
  • International Science Council (ISC)
  • Kenya Ministry of Environmental and Forestry - African Group
  • Sustainability in the Digital Age (SDA)
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)


  • Amandeep Gill, Under-Secretary-General and UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology
  • Dirk Messner (President of the German Environment Agency)
  • Reina Otsuka (Lead Digital Innovation Nature, Climate and Energy, Bureau for Policy and Programme Support at the United Nations Development Programme)
  • Speakers from the Initiatives

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Abdullah Ajlan
Abdullah Ajlan

I think there is an issue in the registration process as once I'm trying to click on " Add this session to my schedule " the IGF 2021 Registration page open and the following message appear " Submissions for this form are closed. " . have a look to the attachment

Polina Koroleva
Polina Koroleva

Dear Abdullah,

We've reached out to the organizers - the registration process indeed is too complicated.

Kindly check if you (1) registered/logged in on IGF platform (2) Registered to the IGF conference itself. Only when you have both registrations in place, the system will allow to "Add this session to my schedule ".

Meanwhile, we are looking at the ways to simplify the process.

Abdullah Ajlan
Abdullah Ajlan

Thanks Polina for your support, id like to inform you that registration done successfully . appreciated

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