To build on discussions in UNDP’s 2020 Annual Meeting on the Rule of Law and Human Rights, UNDP (the Global Rule of Law, Security and Human Rights Team) hosted an online consultation on UNDP’s SparkBlue platform on the ‘The Future We Want To See: Reimagining Rule of Law, Security and Human Rights and the Inclusive Social Contract’ from 29 June through 31 July 2020. The consultation was structured along two discussion rooms, eliciting insights and lessons learned from the Global Programme and identifying trends and opportunities in the Rule of Law field. 120 development practitioners from across UNDP Headquarters, regions and 46 country offices as well as from other UN-agencies, civil society, justice organizations, academia and external partners enriched the discussion with 140 unique contributions. The highlights of the crowd-sourced insights are presented in the summary document attached. They will contribute to a re-imagination of UNDP’s Governance, Rule of Law and Peacebuilding portfolio. They will also be used to inform the design of the next phase of the Global Programme (2022-2025).


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