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About the High-level Dialogue on Energy

Happening Today! The High-Level Dialogue on Energy will take place on September 24. Get all the latest updates here.

See the agenda here - Energy Action Days.

See the tentative programme for the 24th.

And that's a wrap for the Energy Action Days!


Read the Switch Special Issues to get all the updates.

Part 1: What to expect from the HLDE and the Energy Action Days.  (Published 21 September)

Part 2: A comprehensive summary of the 2 Action Days. (Published 23 September)

Part 3: Everything you need to know about the HLDE (To be published 24 September)

Introducing the compacts:

All you wanted to know about the Energy Compacts is in this presentation by SEforAll's George Hampton:


Watch the full briefing on the HLDE and the Energy Compacts here.

To be convened by the Secretary-General in mid-September 2021, the High-level Dialogue on Energy (HLDE) represents the first global gathering on energy under the auspices of the General Assembly since 1981. Amidst human development and economic losses created by the pandemic, the HLDE aims to put SDG7 at the forefront of the global policy agenda ahead of the UNFCCC Climate Change Conference - COP26 – a critical milestone to put the world on track to meet the Paris Agreement targets and kick-start the ‘Decade of Action’. 

The UNDP Administrator is Co-Chairing the HLDE, together with the Secretary-General’s Special Representative on Sustainable Energy for All, the CEO of Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL), Co-Chair of UN-Energy, and the Dialogue High-level Champion, Ms. Damiola Ogunbiyi. UNDP’s role as Co-Chair is to ensure diverse and inclusive representation geographically and from different stakeholder groups, in particular of Least Developed Countries, Small Island Developing States, women and youth.  

Read the Daily Take Aways from the Ministerial Thematic Forums

We will be sharing the key updates from the forum with you here. 

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⚡️ HLDE as part of the General Assembly: 24 September ⚡️

The Process




Introduction to the Ministerial Forums and why they are important.



🚨 The Latest Updates and More Info

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The Switch: Quick energy news delivered every Wednesday

UN Energy Newsletter

Trello board with shared HLDE Resources

The overview of the HLDE Ministerial Thematic Forums.

The Ministerial Thematic Forums on access, transition, enabling SDGs, innovation and finance took place at the end of June, bringing together key stakeholders across government, business, civil society and youth organisations to mobilize actions as a major milestone on the road to the High-level Dialogue on Energy in September 2021.


Energy Access

This theme will address the need and means for accelerated actions towards universal access to electricity and clean cooking, as well as heating/cooling and other energy services.

Energy Access



Energy Transition

This theme will focus on energy sector decarbonisation strategies to dramatically increase the application of renewable energy and energy efficiency, including in end use sectors like transport (e.g. renewable powered electric vehicles), while ensuring a just transition, including strategies on coal phase-out.

Energy transition


Enabling SDGs

Enabling SDGs through Inclusive, Just, Energy Transitions

This theme will focus on maximizing the positive impacts of an inclusive and just energy transitions on the achievement of the SDGs.

Enabling SDGs


Innovation, technology and data

Innovation, Technology and Data

This cross-cutting theme will focus on advancing energy access, transitions, and enabling SDGs through the development and application of data, technology and innovation. 

Innovation, technology and data


Finance and investment

Finance and Investment

This theme will focus on how public and private finance and investment can be mobilized and leveraged to achieve collective goals, whilst also considering enabling mechanisms such as the fiscal response to COVID-19.

Finance and investment


Recommendations from the Thematic Working Groups

Reports to be published on 18 June 2021

<Energy Access>

<Energy Transition>

<Enabling SDGs through Inclusive, Just Energy Transitions>

<Innovation, Technology and Data>

<Finance and Investment>

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