With the help of a coalition of colleagues across the UN family and outside partners, this Strategy was assembled to help our leaders, managers and colleagues everywhere generate more value from the UN’s wealth of data for the organization, people and planet – when it matters most.


Making better use of data – with approaches grounded in UN values and human rights – is integral to our future and service. Recognizing that we have not fully unlocked our data and analytics potential, this Strategy will guide us through a long-term transformation: So that everyone, everywhere nurtures data as a strategic asset for insight, impact and integrity – to better deliver on our mandates for people & planet.


The Strategy adopts three mechanistic pillars:

  1. Set strategic foundations
  2. Create value with data and focus on priorities
  3. Foster enablers, nurture capabilities, and iterate

In the past, generating value from data was often seen as an isolated concern for experts. Today, data and analytics use cases permeate virtually everything we do, everywhere. Everyone will participate in a data-driven transformation, grounded in UN values and human rights.

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