Read the insights from the online youth consultation on technology for democracy.

Digital technologies provide opportunities for participation, accountability and transparency and are transforming economies and societies around the world. There is a pressing need to explore how technology can contribute to make democratic governance more resonant and relevant for people.

Digital spaces can expand avenues for youth participation in democratic processes and dialogues with decision-makers, and digital technologies can support civic activism. At the same time, persistent digital divides are excluding parts of the global population and many young people experience threats when engaging in online spaces.


Young people’s innovative ideas and bold action is needed in supporting democratic practices and fostering inclusive societies. It is against this background that the youth consultation on technology for democracy was hosted by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) between 15 November and 12 December 2021. The youth consultation set out to generate new, youth-led ideas and identify tangible solutions on how digital technologies can support democratic practice. It identified and consolidated input from youth, bringing the insights to the Technology for Democracy Initiative.

The consultation was moderated by young people that also identified the guiding questions for the consultation and reviewed the present insights paper. The online youth consultation is hosted on SparkBlue by UNDP’s Communities of Practice on Governance for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies and through the UNDP Youth Global Programme for Sustainable Development and Peace in context of UNDP’s contribution to the Technology for Democracy Initiative led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.


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