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You may have seen the short drama clip of two actors playing the role of a same-sex couple and reporting a theft case to the police. The Magamba TV channel from Zimbabwe is creatively using digital platforms with a mix of comedy techniques to engage its audience in discussions on a arrange of issues including LGBTI inclusion. The short video with subtitles can be viewed here: https://www.youtub

The video highlights the stigma and discrimination faced by same-sex loving victims at the hands of the police for example. I would love to hear your thoughts on the potential of such content greatly contributing to a shift in norms and attitudes by decision makers, public sector service providers and the general public. 

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Najeeb Ahmad Fokeerbux
Najeeb Ahmad Fokeerbux

Hello, thank you for sharing. Similarly, in Mauritius, we have worked on a video documentary on LGBTQI lives and conditions. The video was worked by a local media house in collaboration with the YQA.

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