The United Nations Secretary-General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation calls on the international community to explore the ethical, legal, and human rights implications of our digitalized society. The Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability (CODES) emerged from this process as a means for advancing collective action in digitalizing environmental sustainability . 

CODES is a global, multi-stakeholder coalition of engaged stakeholders. Its primary purpose is to convene and coordinate collaborative action by existing public and private programmes in steering the digital revolution towards global environmental sustainability. CODES is being convened and co-championed by UNDP, UNEP, the International Science Council, Future Earth and Sustainability in the Digital Age, the German Environment Agency and the Kenyan Environment Ministry under the Office of the UN Technology Envoy. It is a formal part of the UN Secretary General's Digital Cooperation Roadmap.

In May 2021, CODES kicked-off a multi-stakeholder process to co-develop a flagship report on digital transformation and environmental sustainability. The report aims to define a common vision, set of values and concrete priorities for accelerating a digital planet for sustainability and greening our digital future.

The primary aim of the virtual conference "A Digital Planet for Sustainability" is to review the key recommendations of the flagship report and determine how they can be transformed into an action plan and operational strategy.

The conference is being organized on an invitation only basis to keep the level of engagement manageable. A diverse mix of key stakeholders and existing coalitions from the digital transformation and environmental sustainability communities of practice will attend. This will include governments, private sector, academia and civil society. The CODES co-champions also welcome expressions of interest to attend the conference by other stakeholders.

The virtual conference will be held from June 30 to July 1 from 15:00 pm to 19:00 pm CEST each day.

The conference webpage is:

The latest draft of the CODES flagship report is available here.

For further information about the conference - or to request an invitation, please contact Dirk Osiek, Conference Coordinator, German Environment Agency <> or Marie Henkelmann, Conference Assistant, German Environment Agency <>.