Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2021: Gearing up to Build Momentum for Change

Parimita Krishna
Parimita Krishna

APCW 2021 is accelerating collaboration and integrating climate action into global pandemic recovery. Building back opens an opportunity to address social inequalities and invest in economic development that is good for humanity and nature.

The APCW 2021 hosted by UNFCCC and the Government of Japan gives you an opportunity to have your voice heard, take action on #ClimateChange and contribute to #COP26.


The APCW 2021 Virtual Thematic Sessions are led by the UNDP, UNEP, and World Bank for the focused themes: integrated approaches for climate-resilient development, seizing transformation opportunities, and national actions and economy-wide approaches respectively.

These sessions focus on priorities identified earlier in the year at the Virtual Regional Roundtables and the outcomes will be carried forward to a high-level event later this year. This is an opportunity for regional stakeholders to have their voice heard and contribute to COP 26.


The APCW Virtual Thematic Sessions are scheduled from 6 to 9 July 2021 and will be hosted by the Government of Japan. Please see the APCW 2021 Schedule Overview here.

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? For expressions of Interest to host events at COP26, see here.

? Please also find our Trello board here.

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