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When: March 23rd, 2021

Time: 9:30 a.m.  EST



Displacing hate speech with the discourse of respect  

Keynote speakers

Gendered hate speech is a particularly vile form of violence in the digital environment, acting as a significant contemporary disenfranchiser to public participation and political representation of women, LGBTI people, and others. Combined with patriarchal stereotypes, they hinder women’s access to high-visibility and leadership roles and pose serious challenges to fulfilling their mandates.

Online hate speech is not simply the work of a small number of otherwise disempowered extremists - political demagogues, state actors, and technology companies all play a role as enablers and amplifiers.

Women champions of peace in parliaments, all too often subject to gendered personal attacks and other forms of online violence - and their male allies - are creating their own rules of engagement to advocate and facilitate peace online and amplify the voices of other women leaders.

Join us to hear from women peacebuilders in parliaments about their work to displace online hate speech with the discourse of respect. What are the broader social, political and security implications of dialogue in the digital space they must remain aware of, and what are the challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities that these create for them and the parliamentary institution?


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