UNDP Accelerator Labs Update
May 14th, 2020

Hi everybody,  

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen how the agile capabilities of the Accelerator Labs are becoming an integral part of UNDP's response to the crisis. In this edition of the update, we share some of the actions and reflections underway across the network.

On behalf of the Accelerator Labs, happy reading! 

PS: UNDP Accelerator Labs are expanding to 30 new countries, click here to see which UNDP Country Offices are recruiting Accelerator Lab teams. 

Accelerating our response to the COVID-19 crisis
The Fast and the Curious
One year after establishing 60 Accelerator Labs worldwide, we've come full circle to rise to future threats just as COVID-19 began its spread across the globe.
→ Get the overview

#HackingTogether to find responses to COVID-19
The Morocco UNDP Accelerator Lab team joined #HackingTogether, a global hackathon alongside multi-disciplinary innovators to identify weak signals and surface 26 viable solutions to aid in the fight against COVID-19.
→ This is what emerged

The planet is burning...so why are we learning?
As the UNDP Accelerator Labs are pivoting their work to adapt to the pandemic, we use learning questions to weave reflection into our action.
→... Are we in a post-best practice era?
Mapping systems: supply chain effects of COVID-19 in Kenya
In Kenya, the UNDP Accelerator Lab is tapping into real-time data to shed light on what this means for essential supplies.
→ What did they learn?
Foresight is not perfect but still important
As part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, UNDP Uzbekistan reflects on the advantages of being part of a global learning network: ideas, experiences, and lessons are in free circulation within the network.
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From those in need to those who give: crowdsourcing needs in Ecuador
UNDP Ecuador, through the Accelerator Lab, has co-created Citizen Collaboratory a crowdsourcing platform connecting vulnerable Ecuadorians to swap or get free access to much needed goods and services, tapping into the solidarity of grassroot initiatives.
→ Discover this new platform
A call to make the future tangible in Pakistan
UNDP Pakistan, via its Accelerator Lab, is inviting all fertile minds to reimagine what our life, cities and social interactions could be like tomorrow. When predictive analysis can help think the post COVID-19 world.
→ Share your ideas here
Sustainable Development Acceleration
Using satellite data to track wildfires in Ukraine
Stubble burning destroys entire ecosystems in Ukraine. UNDP Ukraine, powered by its Accelerator Lab, now offers citizens a real-time tracker on nearby bush fires using GIS data.
→ Find out more 
Understanding the complexities of youth unemployment in Ethiopia
UNDP Ethiopia is exploring new insights that can explain why Ethiopian students struggle to find jobs.
→ Read about their experiment
How can we scale what keeps on changing?
We have partnered with students at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs to help us develop a strategy to scale social innovation for development.


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