Progress Report

The latest available Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5 data by UN-Women show that the world is not on track to achieve gender equality by 2030.

COVID-19 and the backlash against women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights are further diminishing the outlook for gender equality. Violence against women remains high; global health, climate, and humanitarian crises have further increased risks of violence, especially for the most vulnerable women and girls; and women feel more unsafe than they did before the pandemic. Women’s representation in positions of power and decision-making remains below parity. Only 47 per cent of data required to track progress on SDG 5 are currently available, rendering women and girls effectively invisible.

Nearly halfway to the 2030 endpoint for the SDGs, the time to act and invest in women and girls is now.

This progress report presents the latest evidence on gender equality across all 17 Goals, calling out the long road ahead to achieve gender equality. It emphasizes the interlinkages among the goals, the pivotal force gender equality plays in driving progress across the SDGs, and women and girls’ central role in leading the way forward.



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Published September 2022

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