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Participate in the upcoming Digital Discovery session on Open Climate Accounting and check out the Digital for our Planet Summer School opportunity.



Draft flagship CODES report and upcoming virtual conference on a Digital Planet for Sustainability; AI for environmental management by WWF; UNDP report on collective intelligence for the SDGs.



Climate Action dashboard; the new Green Software Foundation; and the Digital Goes Green.



To the podcast by ConservationX on digital transformation for the environment and the vision of CODES.



Join CODES events and digital discovery sessions.





1. Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability (CODES) initiates flagship report and multistakeholder consultation process

CODES  kicked off the co-design and ideation process for the flagship report " A Digital Planet for Sustainability ". The consultation process is being held on the UN Sparkblue platform. A virtual conference "A Digital Planet for Sustainability" is being organized on 30 June and 1 July to validate the report and to co-design the Action Plan and operational strategy with CODES stakeholders. More information on this event - or to request an invitation - is available  here .




2. Digital Discovery session on Open Digital Infrastructures for Climate Accounting on 10 June from 4 to 6 pm CET

This Digital Discovery session will introduce the Hyperledger Climate Action Special Interest Group (CA2SIG) and the  Open Earth Foundation  and their approach to bridging open collaboration platforms, tools and processes to integrate a fractionalized climate solution and innovation space. The session will be hosted by  Katherine Foster , the Community Director of the Open Earth Foundation,  Martin Wainstein , the founder and lead scientist at the Yale Open Innovation Lab, and the Executive Director of the Open Earth Foundation, and  Sherwood Moore , the co- chair of CA2SI. More information on this event is available  here . Watch all previous digital discovery sessions  here .




3. Digital for our Planet from 21 June to 2 July Summer School

The registration process for this incredible  learning opportunity  is now open for the CODES community. Colleagues interested in attending one or more of the sessions can register  here .



4. UNDP Report: Collective Intelligence for Sustainable Development

The UNDP Accelerator Labs, together with founding investors the Federal Republic of Germany and Qatar Fund for Development, and in partnership with Nesta's Center for Collective Intelligence Design hosted the  launch event of the report series:  Collective Intelligence for Sustainable Development: Getting Smarter Together . This comprehensive research over 277 case studies presents how diverse collective intelligence approaches are being used to speed-up progress on all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.



5. CODES featured on the Xploring Podcast of ConservationX

Xploring  with Conservation X Labs is a podcast about unconventional approaches to solving environmental problems. This episode of the podcast features UNEP's David Jensen as he speaks about the vision for accelerating environmental sustainability with digital technologies through CODES and other initiatives.





6. Green Software Foundation
The Green Software Foundation is a non-profit with the mission to create a trusted ecosystem of people, standards, tooling and best practices for building green software. The Green Software Foundation was born out of a mutual desire and need to collaborate across the software industry. Organizations with a shared commitment to sustainability and an interest in green software development principles are encouraged to join the Foundation to help grow the field of green software engineering, contribute to standards for the industry, and work together to reduce the carbon emissions of software. More information is available  here .



7. Digital Goes Green
Digital Goes Green is a new international foundation, based in Brussels, committed to creating eco-responsible digital services. They work with a strong network of technical and green communities, together with industry, financial sector, policymakers and civil society to put technologies and protocols at the heart of solutions with a green mindset. More information is available  here .




8. Climate Action Dashboard

With the  Climate Action Dashboard , UNEP is providing key information on the state of the climate and countries' progress towards the commitments under the Paris Agreement in an accessible way. This is only the beginning of UNEP's efforts to provide environmental data and analysis as digital public goods to inform stakeholders as well as the general public. 



9. New Series on Artifical Intelligence (AI) for Environmental Management

A new  Medium series  was launched on the promise and challenges of using AI and machine learning to create a planetary environmental management system. The series is being authored by Dave Thau, WWF Global Data and Technology Lead Scientist. 




Eliane Ubalijoro, Global Hub Director in Canada for Future Earth and Executive Director of Sustainability in the Digital Age

"While the internet might seem like it is everywhere, more than 3 billion people around the world are still offline. That digital divide is not only driving poverty, it's also contributing to climate change and a host of other environmental problems. Digital technology is a game-changer in terms of capacity to study, capacity to get a job, capacity to earn a steady living. But as digitalization accelerates, the gaps between the haves and have nots has been increasing. If we really want to meet the Sustainable Development Goals , especially decreasing poverty and feeding the world, we need to bring down 50 per cent down to 0 per cent. Read more of a recent interview with Eliane  here . "



Sam Barratt, UNEP Chief of Youth, Education & Advocacy in Ecosystems Division

"My hope for digital transformation and CODES is that it genuinely enables us to try something new that both resets and redefines how companies, citizens and countries can collaborate in keeping the planet we love safe through smart digital technologies. We can't afford to bet on mediocrity and business as usual while celebrating process as an outcome. Instead, we have to build an empowered, trusting and understanding culture that takes bold risks in the pursuit of game-changing ideas and sectoral transformation. Our  Playing for the Planet Alliance  is one of the ways we are using digital technologies to achieve sector-wide impacts for environmental awareness and sustainability. " 



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CODES is a global, multi-stakeholder coalition of engaged stakeholders. Its primary purpose is to convene and coordinate collaborative action by existing public and private programs in steering the digital revolution towards global environmental sustainability.

CODES is being convened and co-championed by UNDP, UNEP, the International Science Council, Future Earth and Sustainability in the Digital Age, the German Environment Agency and the Kenyan Environment Ministry under the Office of the UN Technology Envoy. It is an implementation track of the 
UN Secretary General's Digital Cooperation Roadmap .  

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