Generation17 Dialogue

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Ending poverty, protecting the planet and building peace requires the determination and vision of young people. Young people take bold and innovative action towards progress on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The world needs their sense of urgency, determination and resilience.

It is against this background that the Generation17 Dialogue is being organized to bring together young people and development partners for joint action on the Global Goals and to recognize youth-led efforts towards innovative approaches to tackle the complex development challenges of today’s world.


    Time and date

    • Day 1: 8am-10am New York time, 29 June 2022
    • Day 2: 9am-11:30am New York time, 30 June 2022

    Place: Virtual - Zoom meeting


    The Dialogue will spotlight examples of how – at this very moment and across the globe – young people and their organizations are taking action for sustainable development and leveraging technology and innovation: From youth civic engagement in crisis response in Lebanon to climate action in Turkey for the protection of coastal areas, and from promoting young women’s leadership in Mali to seeking justice and equal opportunities through supporting women refugees in Indonesia and marginalized communities in Brazil. These young leaders are a part of the Generation17 partnership by Samsung and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), which supports a group of inspiring young leaders – ages 18 to 32 – dedicated to innovating for humanity and mobilizing global communities.

    The Generation17 Dialogue is an opportunity for young people and their organizations, networks, movements to connect, including with development partners. The Dialogue includes interactive sessions and panel sessions with speakers such as the Generation17 young leaders and UNDP’s Deputy Director of the Bureau for External Relations and Advocacy, Mr. Walid Badawi.


    29 June 2022

    30 June 2022

    8:00am EDT


    9:00am EDT


    8:15am EDT

    Young people leading change in their communities


    9:10am EDT

    Dialogue with Generation17 young leaders on taking action

    [Interactive dialogue]

    8:45am EDT

    Break with showing of Generation17 videos

    10:10am EDT

    Break with showing of Generation17 videos

    8:55am EDT

    Setting development priorities for a better world

    [Interactive youth consultation]

    10:20am EDT

    Intergenerational dialogue on a shared vision for taking action

    [Intergenerational panel]

    10:00am EDT


    11:30am EDT



    The full programme will be made available soon.

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