Some 9 months ago, ( July 2021 ) we, the team behind Green Cloud Computing, incorporated our efforts into a business. We did so, to move forward with the belief that we could make a difference in the way that cloud computing is powered and performed. 

We were tired of listening to the big players tell us they were planting tree's, preserving peat bogs - patting themselves on the back as if the problem was solved- and yet carrying on as if everything was normal.

It wasn't, it isn't and its disingenuous #greenwashing.

Power consumption from the global cloud computing community is now on par with what the United Kingdom requires , as a whole, for a calendar year....

It has been estimated this it accounts for 1%-2% of all US energy per year.

Yes, some players 'are' trying to grapple with the problem - yet as much as they do , the demand for more processing power keeps growing. 50% of cloud computing energy comes from cooling. When Microsoft tried to address this they sank a Submarine full of computers into the sea (Project Natick ). One outcome they found was that the vented heat from this experiment changes the surrounding ecology! ( )

REC's ( Renewable Energy Contracts ) or PPA's ( Power Purchase Agreements ) hide the fact that they still use non renewable sources for energy.

This is NOT the answer.

At Green Cloud Computing we have created a system that can power cloud computing using renewable energy and has the ability to change how we go about performing cloud computing ethically in the future .

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