Stockholm+50 Technical Working Group Focus Discussions

Emosi Balenaivalu
Emosi Balenaivalu

A Technical Working Group (TWG) is being established for the Fiji Stockholm+50 National Consultations, whereby the key deliverable of TWG will be the compilation of the draft National report. The TWG is proposed to meet over two days, from the 16-17th May and will be instrumental in formulating and developing the national draft report. The National Consultation workshop will be scheduled immediately the week after to validate and further inform the draft report.


To ensure that holistic messages and concrete recommendations are generated in the TWG meetings, communications to selected core representatives will be established with the assistance of Fiji’s Department of Environment to guide the work in the lead up to the TWG and the national consultations. This process aims to:

● Foster discussions and gather input to the reporting template

● Mobilize engagement and share experiences and initiatives on the theme of the Dialogues; and

● Identify actions, recommendations and deliverables for Fiji to be presented in the Dialogues at Stockholm+50.

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