Input process to the Global Digital Compact

David Jensen


Following the political declaration adopted at the occasion of the United Nations’ 75th anniversary in September 2020, the Secretary-General in September 2021 released his report Our Common Agenda. The Common Agenda proposes a Global Digital Compact to be agreed at the Summit of the Future in September 2023 through a technology track involving all stakeholders: governments, the United Nations system, the private sector (including tech companies), civil society, grass-roots organizations, academia, and individuals, including youth.

The Global Digital Compact is expected to “outline shared principles for an open, free and secure digital future for all”. The Common Agenda report suggests issues that it might cover, including digital connectivity, avoiding Internet fragmentation, providing people with options as to how their data is used, application of human rights online, and promoting a trustworthy Internet by introducing accountability criteria for discrimination and misleading content. Find out more here.


We want to hear from you! Leading to the Summit of the Future, everyone is welcome to share input for consideration for the Global Digital Compact. You can consult with others and share the collective views, or you can submit your individual views by 31 March 2023. See guidance note for drafting inputs.

See what others shared! See input submitted.

Click here for more information on the Global Digital Compact.


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