I am so glad for having my goal for the Earth Day Environmental WEBinar as an international event by having professional speakers from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Florida and Kelarabad! Can't wait to celebrate the Earth Day 2021 with you and many thanks to this year and the previous team for their support since 2015!

7th Annual Earth Day Webinar

shohreh sabaghpour
shohreh sabaghpour

7th Annual Earth Day Virtual Conference

Date: April 21, 2021

Time: 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.


Shohreh Sabaghpour is founder & president at Lumesmart Inc. and Proud Recipient of the Iranian Women Organization of Ontario (IWOO) of Science/ Technology/ Innovator Award in 2017.

She is equally committed to the community and environmental causes and initiatives.  She has been at the forefront of engagement, action and networking campaigns related to the environment and the local business communities. Her passion in saving nature from effects of climate change makes her one of the successful women leaders in the Green industry by initiating Annual Earth Day Environmental Seminar on the Earth Day since 2015.  Her goal is to have widespread awareness about the impact of the Climate Change and how new clean technology can meet our expectation by supporting the nature at the same time.

Committed to this initiative, while all the events were effected by COVID-19, she hosted the seminar as Webinar and celebrated the 50th Earth Day by successful 6th Annual Environmental Earth Day Webinar.

Following the last year effective event, the 7th Annual Environment Earth Day Webinar are organizing virtual on Wednesday, April 21 with the great speakers of professionals in clean industry.

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List of Speakers:

  • Dr.Sasan Fazeli

Proud winner of the Philip H. Jones Award from the Canadian Association on Water Quality at the 33rd Eastern Canadian Symposium on Water Quality Research.


  • Dr.Hadis Zarrin

Assistant Professor | Nanotechnology | Chemical Engineering | Materials Science | Clean Energy Storage | Environmental Remediation | Smart Sensing Wearable

Speech Topic: Electrochemistry and Climate Change: Building an Environmentally Sustainable Future
Hadis is an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at Ryerson University and the Director of Nano-Engineering laboratory for Energy and Environmental Technologies (NLEET). She also acts as the Vice Chair of the Energy Division at Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC). Hadis holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Waterloo with 11-year experience of advanced materials development for electrochemical energy storage and conversion technologies. Currently her research focus at NLEET is focused on the design and engineering of multifunctional nanostructures and nanocomposites for clean energy storage and conversion, environmental remediation, smart coatings, and sensor systems to address increasing global concerns surrounding energy consumption, climate change and environmental quality and to capitalize on these rapidly emerging multi-billion-dollar industries.


  • Dr.Niloofar Abdehagh, PhD, Peng, PMP

Vice President R&D at CHFour Biogas

Speech Topic: Clean energy production from organic waste: Keep green and keep our planet clean

Niloofar has a background in Chemical engineering. She received her PhD at University of Ottawa in 2016 in the field of biofuel production and separation. She started working at CH Four Biogas R&D department after graduation as a research scientist in the field of waste-to energy. Since then, she has formed a dynamic R&D team and established an extensive research network with universities, government and other business organisations to conduct different projects in the field of anaerobic digestion (AD) and renewable natural gas (RNG) to produce clean energy from organic wastes. She is also an adjunct professor at University of Ottawa leading a renewable energy group. Her research focus includes the upstream and downstream processing and anaerobic digestion processes for waste to energy conversion and Renewable energy production.


  • Sahand Iman Shayan, Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Engineering at The University of South Florida (USF) ,
    Environmental and Process Engineering Researcher

Speech Topic: energy saving and resource recovery from wastewater treatment
Sahand is a Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Engineering at The University of South Florida (USF). My research focuses on biological nitrogen removal from high ammonium strength wastewaters using algae in a novel photo-sequencing batch reactor. The research includes various experiments and mathematical simulations. I have developed a mechanistic model that can predict kinetics, system dynamic, and design parameters for large scales. This project is NSF funded and successful results were obtained in 3 years and my business idea regarding sustainable resource and energy recovery from wastewater treatment won the startup at USF to register a company at USF research park.


  • Nazli Ataei,

She moved to Northern Iran in 2011 and started setting up the only nylon recycling plant. In 2016, she signed a contract to take charge of the waste management of Kelarabad and for four years she educated people with dry waste collection and control of leachate and reduced 18% of the waste in Kelarabad. At the moment, she has signed a contract with Salmanshahr municipality to work on a new project which involves innovation in education and development in this field.

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