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Namibian delegation to CBD COP 15/UNFCCC COP 27 Preparatory Meeting

Uazamo Kaura

UNDP in collaboration with MEFT will be facilitating a preparatory meeting for the Namibian delegation who will likely attend the UNCBD COP 15 in Montreal, Canada and the UNFCCC COP 27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt scheduled for later this year. The meeting is funded under Stockholm +50 Consultations and GIZ.

The aim of the meeting is to:
1. Raising awareness about how the recent Stockholm +50 feeds into the two COPs;
2. Raise the awareness of COP 15/COP 27 and what the mean for Namibia’s development;
3. Strengthen the negotiating capacity of the Namibian delegations; and
4. The development Namibia’s COP 15/COP 27 position papers.


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