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The past two years have shown that digital transformation is no longer optional. It is a central tool for public service delivery, citizen engagement, and catalysing new industries and opportunities. Digital technologies offer unprecedented opportunities to accelerate sustainable development in Small Island Developing States and are at the forefront of driving solutions for the blue economy and building resilience against climate crises and shocks. .

This self-paced course was developed as part of the UNDP SIDS offer Rising up for SIDS, as a collaboration of UNDP, UNCDF and ITU and provides an introduction for civil servants and other stakeholders to assist them in shaping an inclusive, whole-of-government approach to digital transformation in SIDS. The course is framed around the UNDP Digital Transformation Framework and its five pillars: government, infrastructure, regulation, business, and people. The course offers data and case studies on digital transformation in SIDS and features analytical tools from UNDP and UNCDF and extensive links to additional resources. 

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Dates: 31 Jan - 31 Dec 2022

Length: 4 Modules of approximately 1 hour, up to 4 weeks recommended

Cost: Free