How local governments are using SDGs to rethink the city

Diana Lopez
Diana Lopez

To achieve the full potential of Agenda 2030, we need to “Flip the Script”. We need more inclusive, peaceful, and sustainable cities and territories.  The SDG are helping local and regional governments to bring communities together and transform policy and local action to make our cities more inclusive, green, healthy, and fair.

The SDGs are facilitating innovation and transformation in cities, which we acknowledge as a challenging process. This event aims to share the specific solutions being experimented with by other cities and their partners. The SDGs are also helping cities to innovate and transform, and we know that this is never an easy process. This event wants to share specific solutions that other cities and their partners are already experimenting.

The event will also present the recommendations of Venice City Solutions 2030, the only yearly event fully dedicated to the local implementation of SDGs. In its 5th edition, Venice focuses on the role of local and regional governments in implementing the SDGs. It also aims to bring traditional and non-traditional partners to our special vision on Agenda 2030 as an instrument to transform our cities, to trigger individual and collective action and to help municipalities to plan, deliver and communicate better.Bottom of Form

This side event is organized b: UNDP, SDG Action Campaign, UN-Habitat, UCLG, and AICCRE Venice.

It will be broadcasted on UN WEB TV 


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