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What is Future Trends and Signals System?

The Future Trends and Signals System captures signals of change noticed across UNDP, and identifies the trends emerging helping us all make stronger, more future-aware decisions. The team aim to reveal about current trends in all signature solutions, and vital insights that can guide our collective approach to addressing our key priorities concerning poverty and inequality.

Linkages between FTSS and Poverty and Inequality CoP

We proudly hosted two events with the FTST Team, tailored the teams' work on future trends and signals to the focus areas of P&I CoP.

Moreover, we host a detailed database of current FTSS signals grouped into the 31 focus areas of P&I. This is a great entrance point to the system.

Explore the P&I-tailored mapping of Future Trends

You can watch the recordings of the events and access the event resources below:

Learn more about this event

Learn more about this event 

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