Youth as Agents of Change: Promoting Interfaith Solidarity during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jessica Roland

Youth from around the globe have already made inspiring strides towards advancing interreligious solidarity and cooperation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Young leaders and youth-led organizations have taken an active role in ensuring communities receive accurate information about the virus while simultaneously striving to dispel harmful narratives, especially on virtual platforms.

Young people bring about transformative change and are uniquely placed to bring positive innovations in the ways the international community understands prevention of marginalization and violence. As we build a better, more peaceful, future beyond this pandemic, it is imperative that we ensure an active space for youth in advancing interfaith solidarity.

This interactive webinar will focus on the role of youth as agents of change, especially in the capacity of supporting interfaith solidarity. The webinar will also encourage those peacemakers in attendance to evaluate their own initiatives in order to increase youth capacity and participation.

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