Vineeth Kumar
Vineeth Kumar

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Session Description

The internet is not just a technology, it provides knowledge, opportunity, and empowerment. It is critical to life in today’s digital world. On the one hand, mobile adoption continues to rise globally with 5G set to reach 2 billion connections by 2025, but on the other, over 2 billion remain unconnected today. Whilst many cities and nations continue to advance, those unconnected are at great risk of exclusion from many life-enhancing innovations and services. Multi-stakeholder engagement, investment and best practices are urgently needed - the mobile industry has been instrumental in extending connectivity to people around the world but for connectivity to be realised as a basic human right, it’s clear we must move from words to action. Join the discussion as we debate the vital next steps for building a better, safer and more empowering digital world for all.  


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