WHO's Health Futures Forum: Shaping the Future of Health in the Western Pacific Region

Nudhara Yusuf
Nudhara Yusuf

It is time we talk about futures beyond pandemic. What will become of the future of health in the Western Pacific Region?

The World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific is hosting the Health Futures Forum: Shaping the Future of Health on 24-26 August 2021. Join futurists, historians and field experts to explore the trends shaping the possible futures for the Region.


The Forum will look at how governments in the Western Pacific can use strategic foresight to envision and use the potential futures facing them to drive changes in their health systems so that they are better equipped to address complex challenges and uncertainties and achieve the highest levels of health and well-being for their populations.

Join us to imagine possible futures in health and well-being. We will explore:

  • Futures of Society: 24 August
  • Futures of Technology, Innovation and Economy: 25 August
  • Futures of Health: 26 August

? To join the Forum on 24-26 August at 9:30 am (Manila Time, GMT +8), or find more information about the Forum, visit www.healthfuturesforum.com.

? For inquiries, please write to healthfuturesforum@who.int.

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