With the increasingly complex, systemic and uncertain nature of today’s global challenges, we have seen that we cannot rely on old solutions and formulaic means of understanding, resourcing, and responding to systemic challenges. Much of the work of systems transformation to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is the work of building infrastructures of connection and pathways of possibility.

Since January 2021, UNDP has hosted generative dialogues and action learning spaces with UN practitioners with the hypothesis that ‘holding space’ to nurture imagination, trust-based relationships, and intuition is a critical piece of the transformation puzzle. That inner and outer transformations are inextricable, and we need to invest in forms of leadership, learning and collaboration that attend to this link.

This event will share some emergent insights and provocations for how we do this, showcasing experiences from several UNDP Resident Representatives who participated in a 2022 UNDP and MIT Presencing Institute initiative to explore more awareness-based and relationship-driven modes of leading systems change. It will be moderated by Laurel Patterson, Director, UNDP SDG Integration Team, with opening remarks from Haoliang Xu, UNDP Assistant Administrator and Director of Bureau for Policy and Programme Support, and guest speaker Sir Geoff Mulgan, Professor, University College London and Author (latest: Another World is Possible).

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