Building capabilities on Anticipatory, Agile and Adaptive governance in Viet Nam

? Date: Tuesday, 16 November 2021

? Time: 6:00 AM Tehran | 9:30 AM Bangkok | 2:30 PM Suva | 9:30 PM New York (Monday, 15 November)

This session provides a brief overview of how the team in UNDP Viet Nam began exploring Anticipatory, Agile and Adaptive (AAA) governance. Follow the journey of including AAA governance in their new CPD and integrating it into existing projects — what needed to happen and what it looks like. The session also reflects on challenges in ensuring sustainability of the work, as well as other tensions that exist — e.g., political and programmatic levers that needed to be understood and addressed.


Guest speaker

Ida Uusikyla, Innovation Officer, UNDP Viet Nam

As Innovation Officer, UNDP Viet Nam, Ida works on strategic innovation with the Accelerator Lab. With the Lab she has been mainly focusing on the circular economy transition and governance innovation. She has been coordinating the Deep Demonstrations project on Circular Economic Rebound, including developing capabilities on portfolio and systems approaches, as well as building capacity of CO and partners on Anticipatory Governance and coordinating relevant activities in the CO.



Beenisch Tahir, RBAP Foresight Specialist (Detail)


Session materials

Watch the video recording and download the slide presentation below:

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