Sonal Gupta
Sonal Gupta

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are skills in high demand for the workforce of the future. Globally, women are highly underrepresented in STEM sectors. From a young age, girls are discouraged to pursue STEM limiting their options to explore opportunities for these fields as they transition into adolescence and adulthood.

Although girls have as much potential to excel in STEM subjects as boys, multiple cultural and structural barriers obstruct women’s full participation as professionals in these fields.

Whether it is because of social norms, gender stereotypes, occupational segregation, or exclusionary workplaces, women could fall further behind in the world of work. STEM4ALL is a joint platform by UNDP and UNICEF in Europe and Central Asia dedicated to accelerating gender equality and the representation of women and girls in STEM to meet the demands of the future of work in the region. STEM4ALL targets a wide audience from women and girls to policy makers and the private sector. It is a virtual, public space for advocacy, research and news to promote gender equality and inclusion in STEM across the region and beyond.

Join the virtual event to launch the STEM4ALL platform on 23 August 2022 at 13.00 CET / 07:00 AM (EDT). The event will feature key stakeholders in the STEM ecosystem, present stories from young women and girls in STEM from the region, and give the audience a virtual tour of the new STEM4ALL platform. Get a chance to learn about:

  • Key features of the new STEM4ALL platform, including tools and resources for aspirants, educators, employers and policymakers in STEM, country-by-country gender-disaggregated data, stories from women in STEM from Europe and Central Asia region and the STEMinists network
  • Journeys of young and inspiring girls in STEM
  • Examples of how prominent women in government, academia and the private sector are advancing gender equality in STEM
  • The importance of using an ecosystem approach to addressing gender inequalities in STEM education and careers

Visit www.stem4alleurasia.org to learn more about this initiative and click here to register for the launch event!

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