Stockholm+50 Youth National Consultations

Emosi Balenaivalu
Emosi Balenaivalu

A key objective of the Stockholm+50 National consultations is to amplify the voices of the poor, youth, women, indigenous group, people with disabilities, local communities and other marginalized groups; and influence national and global debates that consider the views of all stakeholders. The youth consultation planned for Fiji is therefore responding to this objective. It is proposed to meet over 1 day, on the 23rd of May and will be instrumental in engaging and seeking young people’s feedback- their insights, inputs and innovations into the Leadership Dialogues and country priorities. This group will then be proposed to select at least 3 peers to be their representatives at the National Consultation workshop scheduled for the 24th and 25th of May that will validate the draft report that is to be presented at Stockholm+50 conference in June. This process aims to:

▪ Foster discussions and gather input, insights and innovations

▪ Mobilize engagement and share experiences and initiatives on the theme of the Dialogues; and ▪ Identify priorities, needs, key messages and solutions – that will be presented at the National Consultation workshop

Expected Output:

▪ A collective voice -agreed key messaging on priorities, challenges, opportunities, solutions and recommendations to be presented at the National Workshop (Validation workshop)

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