Development Dialogues: Rethinking Solutions to Crisis in the Decade of Action

Aimee Brown

UNDP aims to shine a spotlight on the most urgent action required to support those living in crisis to move towards sustainable development, including rebuilding social contracts, preventing escalation of violence and conflict, protecting hard-won development gains and ending humanitarian need.

Brought to life through a series of discussion, debate, activation, thought provocation and a dynamic multimedia campaign that highlights the human impact of crisis, UNDP is calling on all actors to rethink the way they work in crisis contexts.

Under five dimensions: development for peace, prosperity, planet, people, and partnerships for development, the campaign will bring together leading actors and thinkers to discuss the bold new approaches that are needed to move from crisis to resilience in the areas of prevention, preparedness and early warning, strengthening social cohesion, tackling inequality, improving access to services for all, confronting the climate crisis, peacebuilding and institutional strengthening.

UNDP will also present an outline of its forthcoming Framework for Development Solutions in Crises and Fragile Contexts, which lays out UNDP’s new approach to crises.

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