Regional Energy Meet-and-Greets: Switched On in RBA

Sophie Guibert
Sophie Guibert

Calling all Energy Specialists in Africa!


Dear colleagues,

The Sustainable Energy Hub would like to invite you to an informal meet-and-greet next week, open to all UNDP personnel who have expertise in or are interested in an integrated agenda on energy, and are based in Africa.

Launched in 2022 to build sustainable systems that advance development and climate goals, one of the Sustainable Energy Hub's main goals is to build informal networks to help us advance our corporate priorities of accelerating the energy transition and increasing clean energy access globally. 

You have been invited to this event as you recently indicated to Viva AI that you have expertise in energy and are based in RBA. Please forward this invitation to anyone you feel should be included!



  • To get to know each other and the specific projects we're working on 
  • To kick start a new informal network for RBA to enhance collaboration between the different Country Offices and with the Sustainable Energy Hub
  • To share the latest on what's going on in Energy across UNDP


The link to the Teams group will be added here shortly.

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