Putting Youth at the forefront: Paving the way for an enabling environment for youth to thrive and prosper

Giulia Jacovella

This youth thematic event is co-organized by Qatar Fund for Development, the International Telecommunication Union and UNDP and it will take place on 5 March, from 2pm GTM+3 to 4pm GTM+3 at the LDC5 Conference in Doha, Qatar.

The session will bring to the table youth from marginalized communities and conflict-affected contexts, young civil society representatives and young entrepreneurs, to discuss what the preconditions are to enable young people not only to prepare and survive in situations of emergencies but to thrive and prosper and realize their full potential. The discussion will address the opportunities and challenges faced by youth relating to the Sustainable Development Goals, how to overcome these challenges, strengthen resilience, and take action to contribute to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda by “flipping the script” fear into hope, and division into togetherness.

The event is moderated by:
- Ms. Gladys Habu, Young climate activist (Solomon Islands)
- Ms. Charles Kajoloweka, Young activist, 16x16 initiative (Malawi)

Keynote Speakers:
- Mr. Khalifa Al-Kuwari, Director General, QFFD
- Mr. Haoliang Xu, ASG and UNDP Director of Bureau for Policy and Programme Support
- Ms Doreen Bogdan Martin [ITU Sec-Gen] ITU
- Mr. Fahad Al-Sulaiti, Chief Executive Officer, EAA

Panel 1: Young people at the forefront of SDG implementation and COVID-19 response and recovery in LDCs.
- Mr. Mohamed Okash, from Somalia, Afrilabs Network, focus on social innovation, education, employment, entrepreneurship
- Ms. Afruza Tanzi Prothiba, Youth Co:Lab Movers Programme, Bangladesh
- Emmanuel Ganse - Generation Connect Africa and Young Leader for the SDGs
- Hanna Salih, Qatar Scholarships Program Student Representative

Panel 2: Digital empowerment of vulnerable youth in LDCs - especially vulnerable youth in fragile/conflict contexts
- Mr. Musa Carew, Founder of Peace Drive, Sierra Leone
- Ms. Maram Humaid, member of Taqat Employability Initiative, Qatar Charity
- Ms. Sadya Toure, young activist from Mali, founder of Mali Women and Youth Empowerment, member of the Generation17 initiative
- Ms. Ana Djú, Head of Solutions Mapping, UNDP Accelerator Lab Guinea Bissau, Youth Empowerment and Community Development Activist

Panel 3: Young people powering climate action: Learning from innovative solutions led by youth for climate change
- Koaile Monaheng, Power Shift and Youth4Climate 2021, Lesotho
- Ms. Brenda Mwale, Climate Change Youth Advocate and Chief Operations Officer for Green Girls Platform in Malawi and YOUNGO member
- Ms. Falmata Mahamat Kana Bady, from Chad, Young African Women Leadership programme
- Jacqueline Mukarukundo - Generation Connect Africa Youth Envoy
- Hessa Al-Noami, Director of Development at Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar

Dr Cosmas Zavazava [ITU Development Bureau Director]


Recording available here

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Bigambia Bitimi
Bigambia Bitimi

Youth arestill at the backfront of many decisions taking. Hping that through this, we shall have a suitable forefront of youth

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