Perspectives from the Global South: SIT Faculty Lectures

Boyan Konstantinov
Boyan Konstantinov

Join faculty and guest lecturers of the School for International Training (SIT) as they explore the limits of Western modernity and reimagine the global matrix of power. Centering expertise from the Global South, the faculty lectures featured this spring will examine the current crisis of democracy and the pervasiveness of coloniality; celebrate the impact of Global South women scientists within environmental management and conservation; analyze the critical interaction between water and geopolitics; explore indigenous constructions of power and social organization; outline alternative approaches to health and education, and parse apart the entangled relationship of spirituality and ecological awareness. Lectures include:

Decoloniality and the Future of Democracy

Wednesday, 2/17 | 12-1:30pm EDT | Click Here to Register

Gender Politics and Global South Women's Engagement in Science

Monday, 3/8 | 12-1:30pm EST | Click Here to Register

The Geopolitics of Water as Lived in the Global South

Monday, 3/22 | 12-1:30pm EDT | Click Here to Register

Rethinking the Good Life: A Global South Perspective on Health and Well-being

Monday, 4/19 | 11am-12pm EDT | Click Here to Register

New Frontiers of Higher Education: From Gender Leadership to Digital Humanities

Wednesday, 4/7 | 11am-12pm EDT | Click Here to Register

Himalayan Spirituality, Economics, and the Environment

Monday, 5/3 | 11am-12pm EDT | Click Here to Register

Endogenous Models of Democracy: The Experience of Indigenous Peoples in Peru and Chile

Monday, 5/10 | 11am-12pm EDT | Click Here to Register


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