Law & Access: Entry points and opportunities for strengthening access to services for key populations 

The SCALE Initiative is conducting a series of facilitated multi-stakeholder dialogues across PEPFAR-supported countries to advance alignment on key-population led efforts in countering discriminatory laws, policies and practices and identify opportunities in national structures and processes that can be leveraged for progress. 

Co-convened jointly by the UNDP Panama Country Office in collaboration with key population–led communities, the in-person meeting addressed some of the following questions: 

  • Current Status: What laws, policies and practices are currently the largest impediment to securing equitable access to HIV services for key populations? 
  • Alignment: How can current coordination mechanisms and multi-sectoral plans be shaped and strengthened to more meaningfully address issues related to HIV and the law?  
  • Perspectives: What can collectively be done to build a more supportive and enabling environment for key populations? 


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