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Leading Transformation through Awareness-based Systems Change: Mobilizing a movement towards the IDGs

On 26 September 2022, join us for a deep dive into how we can build infrastructures of connection for awareness based collective action.

This Gathering will be led by Otto Scharmer from MIT/ Presencing Institute and Laurel Patterson from UNDP, who will guide us through different angles of this topic and share their vast experiences.

The Gathering will start 15.30 CEST in Zoom. Official ending time is 17.00 and after that it is possible to stay on a little longer for Afterglow.


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About the IDGs

In 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provided us with a comprehensive plan for a sustainable world. However, progress is slow. Growth That Matters believe that personal development is necessary for societal change.  

This is why we now are co-creating the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) - a blueprint of the capabilities, qualities and skills that are needed to achieve the 17 SDGs. Our aim is to inspire, educate and empower people to be a positive force for change in society and find a more purposeful way to look at our lives and our planet. 

The IDGs will provide an essential framework and field-kit for inner growth - an accelerator to create a prosperous future for all of humanity.

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