Global Co-creating Sessions: People-Centered Climate Action and ACE Performance Criteria

Isatis Cintron
Isatis Cintron

The ACE Observatory aims to support and accelerate a whole-of-society approach to climate action. Once launched, it will be a unique platform providing much-needed tools to track and assess progress on people-centered climate action. Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) provides some critical enablers for the competencies needed to achieve climate-just development. ACE is the foundational toolkit for improved climate governance and capacity building. It empowers society, fostering accountability and a shared sense of ownership. This event series kicks off our Global Panel on People-Centered Climate Action to define what effective ACE implementation means and co-design the performance criteria for the determinants of people-centered climate action dimensions: climate competencies, public participation, transparency & accountability, and feasibility. 


This e-roundtable aims to provide a space for asynchronous contributions to the Climate Competencies discussion that will be held virtually on April 13. It seeks. to provide answers to questions such as: How do we define quality in training, action-oriented learning, and public awareness? What kinds of policies, strategies, and tools need to be in place to enable quality implementation? How can we ensure it actively integrates and includes diverse ways of knowing and relevant partnerships?  If quality is achieved, what is the outcome and how do we measure success? 


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da qun xiang
da qun xiang

Climate determines our future. We must think of better ways to solve the climate problem。
My organization is actively promoting the use of bicycles as a means of transportation to reduce carbon emissions and promote low-carbon travel。
My organization also actively promotes afforestation activities to make the earth greener。
We also actively promote the scientific treatment of more garbage into clean energy。
We should try our best to promote zero carbon emission. At the same time, we should also actively reduce the excessive development of earth and marine resources。
We also need more organizations and countries to adopt a more united approach and strengthen cooperation to solve the problem of climate warming。
We also actively take measures to develop green agriculture and prohibit the expansion of urbanization and high-rise buildings。
We also actively advocate reducing electricity consumption and gas consumption。
We also actively encourage industrial enterprises to reduce the use of coal and cancel thermal power generation。
It is our responsibility and obligation to protect the environment, protect the earth, protect the oceans and ensure the full implementation of the Paris climate agreement。

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