Generation17- Partnering with today’s changemakers and innovating for the SDGs

Giulia Jacovella
Giulia Jacovella

Connected to the ECOSOC Youth Forum’s key theme of harnessing partnerships, the Generation17 event offers an opportunity for the young leaders to come together for necessary collaboration in mobilizing the global community to achieve the Global Goals over the next Decade of Action.

Coined “Digital Natives” or the tech generation, we aim to discuss technology’s challenges and opportunities to fuel youth leadership and a more inclusive and sustainable world that leaves no one behind – particularly as the world faces pressing challenges of climate change, inequality, and the COVID-19 pandemic.


Outcomes & Objectives:

  1. Identify opportunities for the 2030 Agenda to further engage young people through initiatives like Generation17 and ultimately help accelerate progress over the last decade, support COVID-19 recovery, and promote the United Nations Common Agenda
  2. Facilitate a dialogue around shared experiences and potential solutions among young leaders, enabling them to raise awareness of their impactful work among key global audiences and discuss the role technology and partnerships play in their actions to leave no one behind
  3. Inspire and motivate their generations to engage in the 2030 Agenda and discover new, innovative solutions to achieve the Goals by 2030



Tuesday, April 6th at 10:30AM – 12:00 EST / 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM GMT



  • 2-minute introduction video from Samsung providing the path to Generation17
  • 2-minute remarks from UNDP setting the event tone and establishing our core themes
  • 40-minute panel, moderated by UNDP, with eight Generation17 Young Leaders on the role of technology and building a conducive environment for young people
  • 20-minute breakout session (two breakout rooms, each moderated and led by four Generation17 Young Leaders, supported by UNDP & Samsung)
  • 5-minute reporting back to plenary moderated by UNDP
  • 10-minute Q&A discussion
  • 5-minute wrap up & conclusion


Speakers and moderators:

  • Generation17 leaders: Máximo Mazzocco, Sadya Touré, Shomy Chowdhury, Tafara Makaza, Daniel Calarco, Nadine Khaouli, Yejin Choi, Yurii Romashko
  • UNDP: Gwynne Gauntlett, Noëlla Richard, Claudia Poclaba, Giulia Jacovella
  • Samsung: Stephanie Choi, Head of Marketing at Samsung Electronics


Platform & Registration link:

Click here and register in advance for this webinar on Zoom

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Watch the video on YouTube!

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