The FORAS approach: Enhancing Reintegration Opportunities

Francesco Giasi
Francesco Giasi

Implemented in two phases between September 2017 and April 2022, the FORAS Project is part of the Regional Programme "Strengthening the Stabilization and Cohesion of Migrant Communities in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and Countries of Return" and is funded by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Its objective is to improve the socio-economic reintegration of migrants enrolled in the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) Programme in their country of origin, through pre-departure capacity-building activities, including training and counselling sessions.

During this event, lessons learnt from the implementation of the project will be shared with participants by government representatives, partners, returnees and IOM.


The webinar, with simultaneous interpretation in English and French, will be moderated by the EU-IOM Knowledge Management Hub (KMH). A dedicated Q&A session is also foreseen to allow for meaningful exchanges with participants. 

Looking forward to your participation!

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