Diana Lopez
Diana Lopez

First Global Summit on Financing Sustainable & Resilient Urban Development, Pioneered by FMDV,
Bridging the Finance in Common Summit,
With the 2022 special focus: Africa!

The Finance Your Cities Summit was officially announced by the Ivory Coast government in April 2022, in New York, during the United Nations General Assembly’s High Level Meeting on the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda. The international community has been invited to attend FMDV’s first international summit on financing and investing in resilient, sustainable and inclusive Cities and Regions: the Finance Your Cities Summit.

Bringing together high-level national, regional and local representatives with key players in public and private finance and investment, the Summit will facilitate the convergence towards a roadmap for accelerating climate and sustainable action.

With a view on COP27 and the 2023 UN Agenda both scoping attention on bridging the global gap on financing and action, the Finance Your Cities Summit will deliver on bespoke solutions, with a focus on Africa.

It will be held on Friday October 21st, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, following and labeled as a Finance in Common Summit (FICS) event – the global meeting of all public development banks.

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