European Sustainable Development Week 2023


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The ESDW is a European-wide initiative to stimulate and make visible activities, projects and events that promote sustainable development. It will also act as an umbrella for existing national sustainable development weeks in Germany and Austria. It will take place this year from 18 September – 08 October, with the core of the Week taking place 20 September – 26 September.


Registration for activities for the ESDW 2023 is open to all forms of government agencies, research centers, educational institutions, museums, foundations, associations, businesses, non-governmental organizations, individual citizens, etc. Take part and register your sustainable development related activity and become a part of this European-wide initiative!

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1) START NOW! Think about what initiative you could organize to promote sustainable development!


  • Upload your idea on this website to promote participation and make your contribution visible! Registration is open NOW!
  • Plan your initiative/event/project
  • Share your event on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) Promote your event with Flyers and Posters available for download!

3) ACT!

  • Initiatives will take place from 18 September to 08 October!
  • Take pictures and share your experiences!
  • Search for Initiatives in your proximity to take part in and explore what is happening all over Europe!

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