The Asia-Pacific Regional Session at ECOSOC Youth Forum 2022 will explore the significant role that young people play, including volunteering, in ensuring a meaningful, inclusive and sustainable COVID-19 recovery, highlighting the necessity to treat them as equal partners in development, mobilize their talent and harness their potential and skills in innovation, technology, job creation, to boost the economies and advance social and environmental progress. The event will present key trends and challenges faced by young people, such as lack of decent work and productive employment opportunities, gender disparity, education, social and political exclusion, access to resources, and digital divide and will shed light on the importance of youth empowerment and partnerships to reach the most vulnerable and marginalized.  

By presenting key recommendations from young people in all their diversity across the region best practices and transformative pathways for youth empowerment and participation in governance, it will celebrate young people's leadership and their agency as agents of change.

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da qun xiang
da qun xiang

Young people are the most valuable asset in building the future of the world. We should respect young people and ensure that they have decent jobs。
The future world belongs to young people. We should create opportunities for young people to grow and provide a better environment for young people to start businesses。
A world without young people will become a wasteland。
With the development of young people, the world will be more prosperous, because young people have the spirit and courage to take responsibility。So we need to give young people more rights, and the world will be better。

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